Confessions of a mediocre hunter

Let's get one thing clear up front: I am nowhere close to being a great hunter. At best, I am slightly better than adequate in terms of game play. Oh, sure, I have some moments of greatness now and then -- as do we all -- but in general the best anyone could say about … Continue reading Confessions of a mediocre hunter

Deja vu?

As we all know, Patch 7.3 will go live with the reset next week. Some people are wildly excited about it, others not so much. For myself, I am in a wait-and-see mode about it. On the one hand, I am impressed with Blizz's lockstep adherence to their stated release goals for Legion patches and … Continue reading Deja vu?

Raiding — feast or famine

Last night my guild dipped its toe back into the raiding pool. For a variety of reasons, we had stopped raiding in mid-March, so for me who hates to pug, that means other than LFR I just have not been raiding. It was tough to go cold turkey like that, and I think not raiding … Continue reading Raiding — feast or famine

The end of hunters?

We have had a day now to digest the initial information about Legion, and a few more snippets have emerged. It's a lot to grasp, and certainly a clearer picture will emerge in the days and weeks ahead. And while I find a lot to like in what we know so far, I am extremely concerned … Continue reading The end of hunters?

Specs and stats

When Blizz first announced Patch 6.0.2 class and stat changes, they went to some pains to explain to us how much better and less complicated our lives would be with the changes. In particular, they eliminated reforging because they wanted to save us from math and from having to go to a website like AskMrRobot … Continue reading Specs and stats

Proving Grounds revisited

Yesterday I decided to try and gear up my destro warlock and discovered, when I went to queue up for the 3 instances needed for round two of the legendary, that I had not yet completed the proving grounds requirement. So I took a deep breath and entered the PG instance. I have only done the WoD … Continue reading Proving Grounds revisited

I wish I were as good as the sims say I should be

Been dabbling a bit with SimulationCraft. I didn't really mess with it long enough to get any real deep insights, but below are some random observations. I used these options: --  Fia's SV talent/glyph/gear spec --  Patchwerk style fight (stand in one spot and hammer the boss) --  100% active time (yeah, right -- I am … Continue reading I wish I were as good as the sims say I should be