Dipping a toe into Battle of Dazar’alor

Last night our raid team ventured into the new raid, Battle of Dazar’alor. Early in a new raid tier our method is to do normal on Tuesdays and heroic progression on Thursdays. When the gear from normal becomes irrelevant to most of the raid, we switch to heroic on both nights. So last night was … Continue reading Dipping a toe into Battle of Dazar’alor

Raiding — feast or famine

Last night my guild dipped its toe back into the raiding pool. For a variety of reasons, we had stopped raiding in mid-March, so for me who hates to pug, that means other than LFR I just have not been raiding. It was tough to go cold turkey like that, and I think not raiding … Continue reading Raiding — feast or famine

Specs and stats

When Blizz first announced Patch 6.0.2 class and stat changes, they went to some pains to explain to us how much better and less complicated our lives would be with the changes. In particular, they eliminated reforging because they wanted to save us from math and from having to go to a website like AskMrRobot … Continue reading Specs and stats

Why do you have alts?

My plan today had been to write about the effects T2 is having on alts, but The Grumpy Elf beat me to it, and honestly he did a way better job with it than I would have, so please stop by and read his post. But thinking about alts and the shabby -- in my … Continue reading Why do you have alts?

Raid finder and things I don’t understand

Last night I had some extra time on my hands and realized it has been almost a month since I really played my main hunter. Our raid team is on break until 6.2, and I felt like I might be losing some hunter skills by not raiding. Plus I have had zero luck getting any … Continue reading Raid finder and things I don’t understand

Proving Grounds revisited

Yesterday I decided to try and gear up my destro warlock and discovered, when I went to queue up for the 3 instances needed for round two of the legendary, that I had not yet completed the proving grounds requirement. So I took a deep breath and entered the PG instance. I have only done the WoD … Continue reading Proving Grounds revisited

Close encounter of the 6.2 kind

Last night I stuck a toe into the PTR waters to test them a bit. Didn't last long, the pool turned out to be quite chilly, so I decided not to jump all the way in. Initial thoughts and impressions: Garrison resources. Huge barrier, in fact it was the reason I got no further than … Continue reading Close encounter of the 6.2 kind