Will “player agency” be a joke?

Deb Montague over at Blizzard Watch has a piece today asking readers to chime in on achievements that are long past their prime in the game. She cites as her example the Children’s Week achievement that requires players to take an orphan into a battleground and capture a node with them. (At least I think … Continue reading Will “player agency” be a joke?

Covenant design

This post may have some very minor Shadowlands spoilers. I have been reading about the Shadowlands Covenants design, and while I cannot say I have been devouring every datamined morsel, I have one overriding thought about it. Blizz has to get this right, straight out of the gate. Failure to do so will doom the … Continue reading Covenant design

Another lesson Blizz failed to learn

Back in the ancient history that is Mists of Pandaria, there were a large number of daily quests players needed to do in order to gain rep with certain factions, gain needed profession recipes and gear, and even to unlock additional factions that would in turn require constant, daily quests in order to obtain items … Continue reading Another lesson Blizz failed to learn

Friday rambles

As always, there may be some Shadowlands and special event spoilers in this post. They will undoubtedly be minor, but be warned. Here we are, wrapping up the first week after all the Blizzcon announcements, not to mention we are embarked on WoW’s 15th Anniversary celebration. Before Blizzcon, I was having a hard time coming … Continue reading Friday rambles

Glimmers and pants

There May Be Spoilers: This post may contain major or minor spoilers about the next World of Warcraft expansion, and that may be the case for the next several months. Usually there will not be any lore reveals (because I care nothing about lore in the game), but otherwise tread carefully if you are super … Continue reading Glimmers and pants

WoW in reruns?

Blizz has announced this Thursday, August 8, at 2 PM eastern time, they will be conducting a pre-launch stress test of Classic. Having heretofore severely limited the number of players participating in previous test phases, now they are begging people to log on and help them crash the servers. I get why they are doing this, … Continue reading WoW in reruns?

Warfronts and assaults

Let’s talk a little about some new events coming up next week. Patch 8.1 will see the opening of a new Warfront in Darkshore, along with something called Faction Assaults (which seems to be nothing more than a re-roll of Legion invasions). The current Arathi Warfront will remain, so basically, players will have two that … Continue reading Warfronts and assaults