Looking towards summer

Now that it is officially spring, and the birds are tweeting and the trees are budding and the flowers are blooming and we are in the middle of another freaking snow storm (🤬), it’s time to start thinking about how I will spend my summer in WoW. Last night was our last official raid night until … Continue reading Looking towards summer

2018 – My year of alts?

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I certainly did, but I won’t deny it is good to be back to a routine. The house is back to its normal non-decorated self, all the bad-for-you Christmas cookies and fudge and such have been gobbled or otherwise disposed of, the relatives have gone home, the parties … Continue reading 2018 – My year of alts?

The way home

This post contains a few spoilers. Skip it if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. I am frequently very hard on Blizz, especially when it comes to what I believe is their inability to carry out a clear and cohesive expansion, one where each individual piece contributes to a well-stated strategic message for … Continue reading The way home

Crossing the line in Legion

Blizz's announcement yesterday that they are effectively making full artifact trait progression not only pointless but impossible got me to thinking. In every expansion I reach a point where I put my main into a "maintenance" mode and move my game into end-of-expansion pursuits -- going after achievements I want, playing around with my alts, … Continue reading Crossing the line in Legion

End-of-expansion meandering (“Not all who meander are bored”)

(If you are looking for the post "Stop digging!", it is not here. Due to huge fumble fingers on my part, it was a draft  erroneously published, then withdrawn within one minute. Of course, the vagaries of updating insured that it was immediately updated in the Internet referral pages, whereas sometimes it can take a … Continue reading End-of-expansion meandering (“Not all who meander are bored”)