The real Q&A

Despite my snarkiness in my last post, I thought the Q&A yesterday was relatively informative. There was surprisingly quite a lot of what I think of as “real” information as opposed to the kind of blather that is nothing more than an infomercial. If you have an hour with nothing else to do, check out … Continue reading The real Q&A

Argus – second week

I am going to reserve my final opinion on Patch 7.3 and the whole Argus zone until after next week, which will give us nearly all we are going to see with it, but I have to say so far I am pretty underwhelmed. Absent some hugely fun new thing next week, I cannot see … Continue reading Argus – second week

Of classes and sea changes

I have lately been doing some survey reading on principles of MMO game development, and I ran across an item that really struck a chord with me. It was from a blog called Tough Love Critic, in a piece on principles for MMO balance: STEADY CHANGE IS OKAY, SEA CHANGES AREN'T Metas get stale, especially if they're … Continue reading Of classes and sea changes

Religion, politics, and flying — 3 discussions to not have

Well. Today we will get flying in Draenor. After almost a year of promises, non-promises, waffling and weasel wording, final decisions, final final decisions, and probably millions of forum and blog column lines on the topic. Today, though, after all that, flying will be reinstated. You would think that pretty much closes the book on … Continue reading Religion, politics, and flying — 3 discussions to not have

What will you be doing for the rest of WoD?

Now that the initial excitement over Legion has worn off and we are in the usual guessing game period, I find myself realizing that we have at least 8-10 or more months left of WoD. That is a long time. I am starting to plan my "holding pattern" activities? I am usually quite contented to … Continue reading What will you be doing for the rest of WoD?

“Small follow-up patch”

Okay, I have been patient. But it has been eight weeks since Ion Hazzikostas made his begrudging reversal on flying in Draenor. In a DevWatercooler piece on June 10, he promised flying in "a small follow-up patch (6.2.x)". Come on, Blizz, we all get that you did not want to do this, and that you … Continue reading “Small follow-up patch”