Crazy versus cute

Today's post may be a bit scattered, I am dealing with contractors and estimates and so am pretty distracted. It's a good chance to deal with a couple of quick observations, basically unrelated to each other. Findle's Loot-a-Rang, I see from one of the forums, will only work in Draenor once Legion goes live. This … Continue reading Crazy versus cute

Life’s little surprises

I've been reading some of the recent indignant forum outcries over Legion changes and Blizz legal actions, and though I should no longer be surprised at anything I see on the internet, in fact I am. Side note: I have decided to no longer capitalize "internet", a practice I always considered strange anyway. But hey, … Continue reading Life’s little surprises

Shipyard — epic fail

Now that we are into the fifth week of 6.2, I feel I can state categorically that I am an epic fail at shipyards. Of course, I would be happy to blame it all on Blizz -- and in a minute I will point out their culpability in the matter because that is what I … Continue reading Shipyard — epic fail

Hope springs eternal

Just when I was about to despair that WoW would ever emerge from the sucking morass that is Warlords of Draenor, along comes a Mamytwink interview with Lead Designer Cory Stockton (Mumper) that restored a bit of my optimism for the game. I was tipped off to this very recent interview by The Godmother over … Continue reading Hope springs eternal

6.2 — Scattered thoughts

How did your first day go with 6.2? I can best sum mine up with a hearty "meh..." Some things were fun, some were almost unbelievably frustrating, but one thing I know for sure is that this patch will get very old very fast. So far I have only taken my two hunters there, so the … Continue reading 6.2 — Scattered thoughts

I guess it’s time (sigh)

Most of the signs point to release of Patch 6.2 fairly soon. My guess is within the next month, but of course I could be wildly wrong. Parts of the patch are being downloaded now, Dev-Watercooler just posted quite a lot of info (none of it very detailed though) about changes to loot, traditional patch harbingers such … Continue reading I guess it’s time (sigh)

Time for Plan B?

Last week I was having a girls' night out with some of my admittedly "fringe-y" artsy fartsy friends, and someone brought up the subject of Plan B spouses. The theory being put forth was that most people in any sort of committed relationship have a secret "Plan B" significant other picked out in case anything … Continue reading Time for Plan B?