Guild-y thoughts

Nothing of great interest in this post. It is just a sort of history of my guild journeys. You can easily skip it and you won't miss anything. As we seem to be in a pause in the pace of Legion just now -- a good thing, in my opinion -- I have been thinking … Continue reading Guild-y thoughts

Dare we hope?

Short post today, summer lazies have overtaken me. Also, about the only thing going on for me in the game now is clearing out banks, selling gear, rounding up some glyphs from vendors, and the ever-popular RECONFIGURE YOUR ENTIRE HOTBAR SCHEME AND UI FOR EVERY FLIPPIN' ALT. Not that I'm annoyed.... Anyway, that's not what today's … Continue reading Dare we hope?

Last week’s activities

Bittersweet game week last week, did some "finally" things -- finally leveled my Mage, finally pulled the plug on my social guild, finally hit a gold goal, finally came up with an alt strategy I can live with. But first -- I really do not do Archaeology as a profession, more by accident. In WoD, … Continue reading Last week’s activities

WoD has sucked the fun out of the game

Some of you probably noticed I haven't written now for a few days. I've wanted to. I've sat myself down in my writing place, cup of coffee in hand, then -- nothing. Tried other locations, other times, still nothing. This is not the famous Writer's Block. The sad fact is, WoD is so damn boring … Continue reading WoD has sucked the fun out of the game

Complexity, continued

World of Warcraft is an incredibly complex game. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) I've written about the technical complexity of the game before, but today I want to examine it from the player side. Could you play this game without the aid of third party help sites? Just think about it for a minute. What if there … Continue reading Complexity, continued