Holiday break

I am taking a three week holiday break. Look for me back in this space on Monday January 8 2018.

Many cultures and religions have some sort of celebration around the winter solstice, and nearly all of them serve to give people reassurance and hope — that in the darkest and coldest days there is light from love and warmth from friendship, and a certainty that spring and the season of growth will soon come. With that in mind,


Thanks to my readers for a great year. I wish you all the very best, and I will see you all in three weeks, cranky and ranting as usual!

Merry/Happy to all

Not wanting to offend anyone by *gasp* wishing them the wrong flavor of seasonal greetings, let me wish all of you a very merry and/or happy winter whatever. There. Consider good will to have been thrown your way.

Rant warning!

Really, when did we all become so thin-skinned that we take offense when someone wishes us Happy Hanukkah if we ourselves only celebrate Christmas? When and why did we start becoming indignant that stores refuse to be reverent about our personal religious beliefs this time of year, and why do we feel we must be insulted when they dare to wish their customers the evil “Happy Holidays”? Sheesh, we all need to just relax a little bit, the world is bad enough these days and personally I think we should be grateful for any expression of good will we can get.

End rant.

Anyway, this would all be completely off the subject if I had a subject for today, which I don’t. I intend to enjoy whatever good will comes my way, throw some at others, laugh with friends and relatives, and eat Christmas turkey and cookies. And possibly finally find out what’s in that gigantic package under the tree. Too big for a sweater, too small for a BMW.

Be safe, be warm, be loved, be happy. And do what you can to help others be the same.