Main planning

With the formal announcement that Battle for Azeroth will launch August 14, those of us who are compulsive organizers can now kick our planning up a notch. More than 4 months is not exactly what I would call “imminent”, but still it is good to have an actual target date. The date is about 6 … Continue reading Main planning

Hunters don’t fit in Blizzard’s mindset

Blizz announced a couple of days ago that Patch 7.3 will bring some fancy new caster visuals for some caster classes/specs. Um, sure, whatever. I suppose it is nice that they are continuing to improve the game's visual experience. Side comment: I have often said that I think mages have the best visuals in the … Continue reading Hunters don’t fit in Blizzard’s mindset

Legendaries — first aid for class balance?

Admin note: This post contains quite a few references to specific Beastmastery hunter talents. I have thrown in some Wowhead links, but if you want a more comprehensive picture of the talent table, check out the Icy Veins one here. The latest development in Legion legendaries, reported by MMO-C as part of the most recent PTR build, … Continue reading Legendaries — first aid for class balance?

Emerald Nightmare part two

Last night my guild finished up the last three bosses in Emerald Nightmare (Normal). This week was basically a warmup for progression, which we will start next week with Heroic. I can't claim great expertise with EN yet, but I do have some general observations to add to my earlier comments. Fight length. The one … Continue reading Emerald Nightmare part two

Relearning your spec every expansion

A few days ago, Blizz dev Celestalon wrote a blue post in one of the Legion feedback forums, basically a primer on how to play a Brewmaster monk in Legion. The post was a response to what has been a ton of negative comments in the forum about the Legion rework of BM monks. Only people … Continue reading Relearning your spec every expansion

WOOHOO! Marks pets back for Legion!

This will be a fairly short post, but as I am sure many of you have already heard, Blizz has reversed its position on real hunter pets as an option for MM hunters in Legion. A moment while I do my happy dance. Still dancing. Okay, finish move coming up here. There. Done. This. Is. … Continue reading WOOHOO! Marks pets back for Legion!

The emerging Legion big picture

I spent most of my weekend game time not so much playing WoW as reading about it. Specifically, catching up on some of the in-depth blog posts about experiences so far on the limited-invite alpha/beta Legion. Obviously, it is still very early -- I really do believe it will be September 2016 before Legion goes … Continue reading The emerging Legion big picture