Today is one of those days when my brain refuses to focus. Thus, here a couple of thought crumbs that probably need to swept away to tidy things up. Lightning Paw. This spirit beast fox, found in Duskwood, is finally mine as of last night. I have been chasing him, on and off, for a … Continue reading Crumbs

Legion’s way or the highway

Usually over the weekend I play quite a lot of WoW, and in Legion it has become the most fun time I have in the game, since I feel like I can actually putz around and do what I want -- play a couple alts, gather some mats, pick up an achievement or two, run … Continue reading Legion’s way or the highway

Class halls – why?

Stopping in to my class hall on my main over the weekend, I realized that I rarely send followers on missions any more. Why? Mainly because the majority of rewards seem worthless to me. Just not worth the effort or the class hall resources -- even though I am approaching 50k of those. I still … Continue reading Class halls – why?

Legion Beast Mastery Hunter – First impressions

SPOILER ALERT: I am not going to intentionally hold back on what I am experiencing as I make my way through the Broken Isles. That may include subjects you consider to be "spoilers" -- you have been warned. I have played my Legion Beast Mastery hunter now for a couple of game sessions, have taken … Continue reading Legion Beast Mastery Hunter – First impressions

GAAAAHHH! and other observations

Last night, as part of my project to spiff up some of my more promising alts, in case I need to abandon my hunter main in Legion, I was working on my warlock. She had pretty crummy gear, including a blue weapon and a level 4 crafted alchemy trinket. My plan was to get her … Continue reading GAAAAHHH! and other observations

Hunter hall and other puzzling “news”

MMO-Games recently published a Legion interview they did with Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas. It's a bit unclear when the interview took place -- it seems like it happened at or shortly after Gamescom -- but it is just being published now. At any rate, it's short enough to take a look at if you have a couple … Continue reading Hunter hall and other puzzling “news”