Legion’s way or the highway

Usually over the weekend I play quite a lot of WoW, and in Legion it has become the most fun time I have in the game, since I feel like I can actually putz around and do what I want — play a couple alts, gather some mats, pick up an achievement or two, run some old instances for that recipe or mount I covet, explore some areas I might have neglected when they were current, etc. However, this past weekend I was unable to play very much because of some family commitments (not the good kind, the entertaining-your-idiot-in-laws kind), and when I was a finally able to log on Sunday evening, of course I had a full array of emissaries to catch up on, and I actually saw someone flying around and realized that omg I had missed out on almost 3 days of Armies of the Legionfall rep and it would still be weeks before I could fly at this rate, not to mention I still had 4 more timewalking dungeons to do if I wanted a shot at the reward. It was not fun “catching up”.

And it dawned on me: Legion is WoW’s most restrictive, grindy, bossy expansion yet. Even WoD was preferable, I am starting to believe.

See, to my way of thinking, when I play this game a couple hours every night, I should not have to wait until a weekend to have actual fun doing it. Sure, I know I could technically drop out, ignoring raids and instances and gear and AP and flying achieves and professions and class halls and champion missions and emissaries and…

Oh wait, that’s pretty much this entire expansion.

There really is no “dropping out” if you want to play the current zones, you MUST grind endlessly. I am not at the point where I want to quit the game, but there is no denying it has become more of an irritation than a source of joy and whimsy. I am at a strange point where I enjoy the game in the abstract, but the daily activities are constant annoyances. In fact, Legion has taken pretty much every bad part of recent expansions and doubled down on them, all while Blizz explains to us how new and innovative it is, how they really learned lessons from player reactions to past expansions.

I am sick of being told when to log on. I am sick of feeling like I will miss the puny few hundred rep needed for flying if I fail to log on and do the BS dailies. I am already sick of trying to track random but extensive invasions, most of which occur in the middle of the freaking night or when normal people are at work or school, all because Blizz could not be troubled to configure them to servers, took the lazy way out technically just so they could brag about adding “content”. Hell, if they were going to be lazy about it, why not just resurrect the invasions from the pre-expansion? Those were fun, quick, and rewarding, and if you missed a couple it was no big deal because there were always some popping up. I guess players liked them too much, can’t have that.

I am sick of the ever-dangled carrot of flying. I am sick of the “just one more thing” never ending string of requirements. I am sick of the stupid little games Blizz plays to make sure you know they strongly disapprove of flying — which they themselves introduced years ago — but if you must have it, then you will sure as hell have to suffer to get it. I am sick of the rep game they are playing with Armies of the Legionfall — awarding minuscule amounts for daily quests; no emissaries to give additional bonus rep; daily quests do not hold over so if you miss a day you are out of lucK. And strangely, there have been no Kirin Tor emissaries — which apparently would award a 750 rep token — since 7.2 went live even though they seemed to have been every other day before 7.2. I am unamused by “secret” achievement and quest requirements that will award more rep (like the running of the maze without being detected).

I am sick of class halls, which are nothing more than garrisons with all the perks removed. I am especially sick of the hunter class hall, to which almost no creative effort was devoted in its development. It is bereft of any imagination. There is still no place to sit in the entire hall, the bartender sells only mana drinks, there is no mailbox, not even any real connection to classic hunter lore. It was clearly designed by someone coming up on a deadline, who did not give a bucket of warm spit about any result save meeting that deadline.

I am sick of being required to run dungeons and raids — including mythics — in order to pursue almost any other game path, for example professions.

I am sick of being told that currency for gear is a bad thing, then being forced to deal with currency for everything else — order hall resources, Legionfall war supplies, Timewarped badges, artifact power, nethershards, seals of Broken Fate…

I am sick of being told how I must play my alts, sick of that depressing sinking feeling of eternal grind I get when I consider leveling up one of them only to realize how complex and dragged out it will be: artifact quest, order hall campaign, all the grinds of the various gated class hall actions, profession requirements of quest lines and rep and dungeons and raids and lucky drops, the eternal disappointment of legendary drops, and of course the addition of one more endless AP grind for the new alt.

I am sick of my spec options being severely limited, sick of Blizz bragging about how they have removed all obstacles from being able to switch to any spec in your class, then placing huge boulders in your path like “good legendaries”, artifacts, AP, different crucial secondary stats and therefore different gear, etc. I am especially sick of Blizz imposing hybrid problems on pure dps classes, but refusing to give them any commensurate perks such as role options.

I am sick of getting higher level gear that is actually a step down for your power, sick of having to run simulations or consult a web site just to figure out if a piece of gear is an upgrade. This is especially galling when we recall Blizz’s lecture to us on the evils of having to do “math” for reforging.

I am sick of empty promises to fix the near-total destruction of hunters as a class in Legion, sick of half-assed tweaks that do nothing to repair the fundamental problems Blizz engineered for the class. And I am sick of class overhauls every expansion, from a team that clearly is incapable of balancing their changes until the end of an expansion, at which time they stupidly decide it is time to repeat the process.

I am heartily, absolutely, positively, without a question, sick of RNG being applied to every aspect of the game. And I am enraged every time Ion Hazzikostas lectures us about how “fun” it is.

Look, here’s my point (at last): Everyone sets their own goals in this game, and pursuit of them is supposed to be fun and ultimately rewarding. Until Legion, players have been largely free to find their own path to those goals. But Legion effectively removed all side roads in favor of one super highway. And if you find an obstacle along that highway, too freaking bad for you, there are no detours. Your only choice is to remove it in the approved manner or stop all forward progress. Blizz has argued that Legion gives players a wide range of options, but that is not true — what it gives players is a wide range of requirements, all of which must be participated in to achieve virtually any game goal. Players are left with the “options” of sticking to the approved path or adjusting their goals downward. 

This is not player choice, this is nanny state game play.

Class halls – why?

Stopping in to my class hall on my main over the weekend, I realized that I rarely send followers on missions any more. Why? Mainly because the majority of rewards seem worthless to me. Just not worth the effort or the class hall resources — even though I am approaching 50k of those.

I still usually do the AP missions, but only if I can configure a team that will net me at least 75% bonus chance, because the bonus token is the one I want, not the paltry 30-40k main reward. Approaching 3 million AP cost per trait increase, it just doesn’t seem cost effective to take hours or days to gather 30,000 AP.

Once in a while, out of boredom, I will do the gold reward missions, but again only if I can get a very high percentage bonus chance, because although the 1500 gold bonus is decent, the baseline 400-700 gold is frankly not worth the effort these days. Too many other ways to earn gold in a lot less time. Heck, I can earn close to 400 gold just vendoring gray items and green gear from a bunch of daily world quests.

Dungeon and raid “special” missions? I have never gotten anything worth while from the chests awarded for completion. All these missions do, at least in my opinion, is clutter up my quest log. (And as a side note, Blizz, when are we going to get a larger quest log?)

Follower gear and tokens? Please. Some of them are of value early in the follower process, I grant you, but they are merely vendor trash once you have leveled your followers. I keep a few items in my bank just to outfit a team now and then for AP bonus missions, but otherwise — pfffft.

As a consequence of crappy rewards, my followers tend to sit around a lot. Except for Addie Fizzlebog. We go everywhere together, and though my hunter does not really need a bodyguard, I have managed to equip her with gear that nets me 150 garrison resources every time I complete a world quest. (In theory I should be able to get 200, but that other 100-resource token has been elusive for me.) 150 does not sound like a lot, but it seems to really add up — remember I am close to 50k resources and I do not usually do a ton of WQs every day. I should have enough to easily do the two new class hall improvement stages in 7.2. (Though why I want to do them may be another question, see below.)

(I will admit, though, sometimes I feel like smacking her if I have to hear her squeak one more time “I’m a real hunter now!”)

The fact that follower missions rapidly become fairly useless is to me emblematic of the whole concept of class/order halls in Legion. I just don’t see the point. Blizz seems to have gone out of their way to make sure we don’t spend a lot of time in them — no mailboxes, nothing that makes them places you want to hang out in, not even any particularly useful gear.

Recently there has been a spate of blue posts defending the class hall gear you can buy, but I think I have to side with the player complaints on this. It is true, I think, for most players, that by the time they have the level and rep and achievements necessary to buy a particular piece of gear, chances are excellent that they do not need it except possibly for transmog. I think the first piece I could buy on my hunter was useful, but after that not so much.

Arguably, some classes spend more time just getting to their class hall than they do actually transacting business there. Which brings up another point — what was cute and intriguing in terms of getting to a particular class hall in the beginning becomes tedious and annoying very quickly. This was brought home to me over the weekend when I spent some time leveling my rogue. I don’t really care that the rogue class hall is in the Dal sewers, but the whole requirement to run through Dal, into the shop, lay down your coin, have the secret door open, run down stairs and take a left, run down more stairs and take another left, then run through the sewer and across the bridge, then open another secret door — all just to get to your class hall — is, to put it mildly, FREAKING STUPID AND ANNOYING. I know some devs at Blizz think it is clever and fun, but honestly they must never have done it more than once or twice, because — no, just no.

Hey Blizz, how about doing something really nice for quality of life in Patch 7.2, and give everyone a class hall hearth like we had for garrisons, or if you don’t want to call it a hearth, call it an “instant portal” like a couple of classes have?

Class halls do have target dummies, but that brings up another ridiculous head-scratcher — why are there none in Dal? We are told the city is in hiding from the Legion, it will serve as the launch pad for the final assault, and it must be defended at all costs, yet there is no way for its defenders to train?  Honestly, between this and the ridiculous engineer-only auction house, Dal pretty much stinks as a hub city. I say let the Legion have it.

I am sticking by my theory that the only reason we have class halls in Legion is that Blizz originally planned to keep the WoD garrison idea for at least one more expansion, and it was too late to undo that plan by the time they figured out garrisons had a lot of unintended — and bad — consequences for game play, not to mention a lot of players voiced loud complaints over the whole idea. By the time it was clear that WoD’s garrisons had flopped,  Legion was already sketched out in some detail, and there was no good way to remove them with out trashing much of the rest of Legion’s design. So Blizz made a few passes at removing some of the things they perceived to be problems with them, and thus we got these relatively worthless class halls.

Blizz, for the love of all you hold holy, unless you intend to give us guild halls or player housing, please ditch the whole idea of garrisons or anything remotely similar in the next expansion. Though it might have looked good on paper, it turned out badly — cut your losses and move on. It is a complication that adds nothing to the game. And who knows, without it we might get another raid tier! 😉

Legion Beast Mastery Hunter – First impressions

SPOILER ALERT: I am not going to intentionally hold back on what I am experiencing as I make my way through the Broken Isles. That may include subjects you consider to be “spoilers” — you have been warned.

I have played my Legion Beast Mastery hunter now for a couple of game sessions, have taken her through getting her artifact weapon, made it to the hunter class hall, and advanced to level 101. Selected mining and jewel crafting for professions and have just started with them.

Even though it is early in the process, I have to say I am not happy with the changes to BM. It has a slow, clunky, puny feel to it. Maybe it is a matter of just getting used to it, or maybe it is a matter of filling out some more of the artifact weapon talent tree, so I am not giving up on it yet, but I am not feeling good about it so far.

Let me start at the beginning. Once I finally got to new Dalaran, a bird (owl?) appeared behind me with my starter quest for my artifact weapon. The quest line was kind of fun, involved a little running around to find NPCs in Dal, then a few fun solo scenarios in Ulduar, Stormheim, and ultimately Storm Peaks where I finally got Titanstrike (the BM weapon) after fighting alongside Thorim and his wolf Hati. (Pronounced “Hottie” by the NPC in the scenario…) Hati, of course, is key to Titanstrike, bound to it in some mystical fashion so that he becomes your second pet once you equip the weapon. (For an excellent rundown of the BM artifact weapon quest line, with great screen shots, see Elizabeth Harper’s Blizzard Watch article about it.)

Once you have the weapon, you have a couple more quests that take you to the hunter class hall in Highmountain, where you take an oath of service to fight the Legion and perform your first artifact weapon “training” at an altar in the hall.

LB-Hunter-BM-AW 02

Artifact weapon talent tree after initial “training”

Having the weapon — even baseline — makes a noticeable difference in your power as a hunter. Before equipping it, I probably died 8-10 times because I just did not have the power to take on more than one level 100 mob at a time, and even that was a bit iffy under certain circumstances. Clearly, some of this was due to my unfamiliarity with the new hunter style, as well as to the fact that my beta-rolled hunter was below level 680, but mostly it highlights the overriding importance this one piece of gear plays in Legion. After I got the weapon, my death rate decreased in subsequent questing. Note, though, that it did not go away, and I have died 3-4 more times in the last day, even being very careful about the number of mobs I take on at once. This of course is a completely new experience for me and I suspect will be for most hunters.

While I am on the subject of dying, I want to also point out that my pet seems extremely squishy and really unable to hold aggro well at all. It seems to make no difference if he is in Ferocity spec or Tenacity. He died a lot, and the times when he didn’t die, I spent most of my time spamming heals at him (Mend Pet is now on a cooldown, also).

At any rate, while things went a little better after I got Titanstrike, I still have a lot of problem with the way BM plays out. I chose Highmountain to start leveling in (which seems to me to be very similar to the Tauren starting zone in Azeroth, so if cows are not your thing, you might want to avoid this zone for a while). When you are at your class hall, there is a map that allows you  to select which area you want to be adventuring in. (Remember, zones are scaled.) What I will probably do is one or two levels in Highmountain, then move to a different zone for a level or two, and basically check them all out.

LB-HCH-Scouting Map

Hovering over the exclamation points tells you a little about each zone and gives you the opportunity to select it for your questing area

So why am I not happy with my BM hunter experience so far? In a nutshell:

  • It seems far too passive.
    • You press a couple of pet spell buttons, but then your only real active shot is Cobra Shot for single target and Multi-Shot for AoE. Each consumes 40 focus, and they compete for focus with your pet spells of Kill Command and Bestial Wrath. The basic BM hunter rotation is solely dependent on passive focus regeneration, there are no baseline shots you can fire that are focus builders.
    • There are one or two talents you can take that amend this somewhat, but even with one of them — Dire Frenzy — I felt focus-starved all the time. I frequently found myself tapping my foot, unable to do anything for a second or two just waiting for focus to generate. It is a very helpless, feeble feeling. (I am still playing with my talents, so I won’t go into them in great detail here, but you can check out the Wowhead database for what they are in Legion.)
  • For a spec with the fantasy of being a master of beasts, in reality you have very little control over them except for your regular pet (which, as pointed out above, is very squishy).
    • Hati is a passive pet, either chained for some things to your regular pet, or reacting to passive RNG.
    • The Legion version of Stampede stinks, in my opinion. No longer do you summon 5 pets to attack your main target, you get multiple waves of pets rushing past you, damaging whatever is in their path, like Barrage but with pets instead of arrows or bullets. I don’t find the visual particularly compelling, it all happens so  quickly that there is really little chance to appreciate it. But that aside, the baseline concept now suffers from all the shortfalls of Barrage — positioning, damage waste if there is only one target, etc.
  • I find myself missing traps, camouflage, Thrill of the Hunt, Master’s Call, and Kill Shot. They are just flat out gone, and with them much of the real fun of playing a hunter. (I say again, how in hell can you have any hunter “fantasy” that does not include expertise with camouflage and traps?)
    • The only CC you have is your Level 75 talent line — Binding Shot, Wyvern Sting, and Intimidation. All pale, in my opinion, to current hunter traps.
    • No camouflage, so guess what — you get to deal with Every. Stinkin’. Mob. You. Come. Close. To. (You think Blizz would dare to take Invis away from mages? Never in a thousand years.)
    • Thrill of the Hunt to me has been one of those fun challenges for hunters — if you have been efficient but judicious with your focus, when it procs it is just huge fun. There is nothing I have found so far to take the place of that kind of fun in Legion.
    • Master’s Call is one of those things that makes controlling a pet fun. Did I use it that often? No, but  when I did use it to free up a healer or even myself, it was just awesome to see my pet rushing to the rescue. It was a fantastically unique hunter ability. Gone in Legion.
    • Kill Shot is one of those things most of us have built up ingrained muscle memory for, and it just feels good to use it to finish a mob off. Without it, I have actually found myself in situations where the mob is down to a couple of percentage points of health, and I am standing around twiddling my thumbs waiting for focus to generate. Very frustrating.
  • So far, I have not found a real tangible surge combination for BM.
    • Not only does it feel slow and mostly passive, but short of pressing your few buttons at the same slow pace but with greatly increased fervor, there is nothing much you can do when the raid leader tells everyone to “pour it on”. There just is nothing to pour.
  • Aspect of the Turtle is just a different visualization for current Deterrence, but unfortunately the second charge is gone. 

So that is it for my first impressions. The spec depends completely on pets for damage, which is fine for Beast Mastery, I have no problem with that concept, find it kind of intriguing actually. But having embarked upon it, Blizz has failed to give us any semblance of real player interaction with those pets. A BM hunter has become little more than a leash holder, able to affect a fight only by deciding when to let go of the leash. Worse, the leash holds not the Dogs of War but creatures more aptly described as the Fluffy Bunnies of War.

Up tomorrow: Some overall impressions on the leveling experience in general, along with some of the quality of life changes I have found so far.

GAAAAHHH! and other observations

Last night, as part of my project to spiff up some of my more promising alts, in case I need to abandon my hunter main in Legion, I was working on my warlock. She had pretty crummy gear, including a blue weapon and a level 4 crafted alchemy trinket. My plan was to get her a level 6 inscription weapon, get the trinket to level 6, and have her craft her own chest piece for the third crafted item. Other than having to spend a ton of gold to get the needed felblight, I was in good shape for mats.

The weapon and trinket were easy. I got lucky on the weapon and immediately got the peerless flavor, which is the best set of secondary stats for destro. All that was left was to tailor the chest piece, looking once again for peerless.




I won’t bore you with the sordid details, but it took me 46, forty-six!, FORTY-EFFING-SIX tries to reroll a peerless chest piece. For you accountants out there, that is 1380 sumptuous furs, which on my server has a street value of slightly over 2000 gold.

Never mind the cost. Do you have any idea how incredibly frustrating it is to spend close to an hour to reroll stats 46 times?

I have said it before, and now I am saying it again:

The entire secondary stat mechanism blows.

Anyway, the whole experience just destroyed any semblance of concentration, organization, or sanity I had left, so today’s post is a hodgepodge of random thoughts I had while perusing MMO-C’s rundown of the latest Legion data mining and beta changes.

In no particular order:

Dalaran. Glad to see we are getting some flat screen TVs in the inns in Dal, because nothing I like better than coming back after battling monsters than to kick back with a brew and watch the latest episode of Wild Housewives of Ironforge.

And this tidbit:

The Citizens of Dalaran are stoically prepared to face the Legion, though it might mean the destruction of their beloved city.

Uh-oh. Please, Blizz, don’t let us suffer through permanently destroyed parts of Dal, like we have done with the park in Stormwind. I am pretty sick of nice places in the game getting all uglied up and never returning to any semblance of grace and beauty. Really, Blizz, not everything in the game has to have an end state of dark and/or ugly.

New item. Vantus runes “… with a weekly duration that buff your power on one dungeon, raid, or world boss.” Huh? They last for a week but you can only use them once in that time? Will these be a new way for butt-brained group leaders to add even more restrictions to the players they will allow to pug with them — “must have unused rune”? Does this mean the tuning on bosses is so high you will need this to down them?

New friendship reps. Disliked, Accepted, Trusted, Respected. What about Loved?  Appreciated? Ignored? Avoided at All Costs? Blizz has a lot to learn about the many levels of friendship….

Highmountain (location for the Hunter Class Hall).

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.

Who the fig are the drogbars? I am not an expert in lore, but I don’t think we have ever heard of this bunch before. Honestly, I am getting more and more annoyed with Blizz’s treatment of hunters. First they completely destroy the class as it has existed since pretty much the beginning of the game. Then they invent a new place for the class hall — zero history in the game, zero hunter tradition, zero connection with anything any hunter has ever done in the game. And now they invent this new bogus threat of “drogbars”? Notice that all the other classes get some connection with history and lore. But hunters? Nope. Blizz has succeeded in obliterating the class, and now they are eradicating all vestiges of hunter tradition.

Legion has been touted as rich in lore, a return to the ancient beginnings. And that seems to be the theme that permeates every class except hunters. As far as hunters go in Legion, Blizz has just written them off as not worth the effort of integrating into the history. Who cares? Just give ’em some new place and make up some crap about drogbars, it’s not like they are an important class like mages or demon hunters for crying out loud.

And last, and hopefully not least — Marksmanship class spell changes.

Lone Wolf. Your damage dealt with Auto Shot, SteadyArcane Shot and Aimed Shot is increased by 30%. Hunter – Marksmanship Spec.

My realistic side says this is an error or a baseline passive attribute, but my eternally gullible optimistic side hopes this is a talent, therefore Lone Wolf is just an option, therefore pets might still be in the picture for MM. Doubtful (see above rant on Blizz’s intent to destroy the entire hunter class along with all traditions and history), but an elf can hope.


Hunter hall and other puzzling “news”

MMO-Games recently published a Legion interview they did with Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas. It’s a bit unclear when the interview took place — it seems like it happened at or shortly after Gamescom — but it is just being published now. At any rate, it’s short enough to take a look at if you have a couple of minutes.

The news for hunters is that probably the Hunter Class Hall will be located in the Highmountain zone in the Broken Isles, “because they have a hunters lodge up there”, according to Hazzikostas.

Ummm, okay. But I am a tad confused. What difference should it make whether there is an existing structure or not? The halls will be basically instances, no? Like garrisons? So the player experience should be, you get to the general area, you see the portal to the instance (like you see the garrison gate and structural outlines now), then you enter the instance when you get close enough, assuming you meet the class requirement. It seems like it would be trivial to plunk down a hunter lodge type structure pretty much anywhere?

I don’t really have any strong feelings about where a Hunter Class Hall should be located, but it strikes me that this entire expansion is going to be about traditional lore, and in general will be very heavy on history. The artifact weapons, for example, will be the weapons used by WoW historical heroes. So why would you place a Hunter Class Hall in an area that holds no real player significance, no historical pull, for hunters?

And not for nothin’, Ion, but after the discussions about the great significance of the warlock class hall location, and all the debate back and forth about the appropriateness of locating the rogue class hall in the Dalaran underground, your sole reason for choosing a location for hunters is “because they have a hunters lodge up there”?

That’s like saying the location for the mage class hall will be Theramore “because they have a mage tower there”.

It is hard to escape the notion that Blizz has completely written off the hunter class for the game and is bent on ignoring it as much as possible. Having destroyed the very foundation of hunter play with the Legion spec changes, why bother to put any thought into the class hall location? Just stick them somewhere and move on to important things, like coming up with a few more melee classes or figuring out how long we can delay flying in Legion.

Just before this illuminating disclosure of the hunter class hall location, Chilton was asked to comment on the possibility of the changes to hunter specs playing out across all classes. The exchange:

MMOGames: Demon Hunters have only two specs, and your presentation points to Hunters having one of their specs evolving into a role similar to Amazons in Diablo: is this going to play out across all Class Specs?

Tom Chilton: Almost right but not quite. Just because the survival hunters weapon is a spear, it’s a melee weapon not a bow, that’s because we’re evolving that particular spec to be a melee hunter. It will be the hunter in melee with their pet. The marksmanship hunter will be a ranged hunter with no pet and the beastmaster hunter will be a ranged hunter with a pet. That’s how we’re evolving the distinction between those and that’s why the survival hunters artifact is a spear. that’s different from the Amazon in Diablo III, she was a ranged javelin thrower.

Well, thank you, Tom. In answer to the question, will all class specs get the same treatment hunter class specs are getting, you explained what changes hunters will get. Oh, and apparently the hunter spear cannot be thrown. Very enlightening. And while we are at it, thank you, MMO Games interviewer, for allowing him to skate by deliberately misinterpreting your question as “Will all hunter class specs resemble the Amazon in Diablo III?”

Journalism at its best.

While we are at it, I wonder why exactly Chilton was even in that interview. He contributed nothing of interest, in fact sometimes he contributed nothing even coherent. Example:

MMOGames: What lessons have you learned from Draenor in managing player expectations in terms of lore and storyline?

Tom Chilton: I’m not sure that I agree [with the question] on a fundamental level. It’s the assumption of a statement of fact that there is less story in Draenor than there is previous expansions. When we made the announcement, and right before the announcement we ran the story that has happened so far trailer.

If you take that and combine it with the Lords of War series that we did, you know things that led up to the expansion and all that kind of stuff… and you compare it against any other expansion, except maybe Mists of Pandaria, it comes out overwhelmingly favorable. So I don’t know that it’s something I agree with.


It says something about the current state of affairs at Blizz when two of its key game project managers have no clear concept of their message, when they cannot state fundamental goals for an expansion. Blizz would be better off hiring a couple U.S. Presidential candidates as spokespersons — at least they are skilled at giving non-answers to questions, and they are a darned sight more entertaining than the act of Chilton and Hazzikostas.

I need alcohol and a weekend.