Deja vu?

As we all know, Patch 7.3 will go live with the reset next week. Some people are wildly excited about it, others not so much. For myself, I am in a wait-and-see mode about it. On the one hand, I am impressed with Blizz's lockstep adherence to their stated release goals for Legion patches and … Continue reading Deja vu?

What. The. Hell.

August 10 hotfixes to hunters: Cobra Commander’s Sneaky Snakes (Artifact trait) damage increased by 25%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) damage reduced by 50%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) deals 30% less damage with the Dire Frenzy talent. There are BM hunters who have built their entire play style and gear setup around Thunderslash and its interactions, have gone … Continue reading What. The. Hell.

New play styles

A few days ago, at the suggestion of someone I respect, I decided to just bite the bullet and switch my main hunter to Marksman spec, even though I said I would never do it. It hasn't been an easy transition so far, either mechanically or psychologically. And as if that weren't trauma enough, last … Continue reading New play styles

Closet cleaning time

Time again to clean out some of the drafts that have been hanging around in my writing closet for awhile. Cool herbalism gloves. I'm not what you would call a super-informed WoW player. That is, I usually go through the game fairly unaware of many of the cool little quirks and Easter eggs and other … Continue reading Closet cleaning time

Close encounter of the 6.2 kind

Last night I stuck a toe into the PTR waters to test them a bit. Didn't last long, the pool turned out to be quite chilly, so I decided not to jump all the way in. Initial thoughts and impressions: Garrison resources. Huge barrier, in fact it was the reason I got no further than … Continue reading Close encounter of the 6.2 kind

Not QQ, just a plea for an explanation

Just exactly what is it about hunters -- lately especially Survival hunters -- that Blizz hates? By now most of you have read the "proposed" class changes for Patch 6.2. What we know is posted here, but let me quote the hunter part: General Aspect of the Fox has been removed. Marksmanship Aimed Shot now … Continue reading Not QQ, just a plea for an explanation

Coming home

Over the past week or two, Blizzard has been working on class balancing, across specs in individual classes as well as across classes. I admit I have ridiculed one or two of their moves, but now I want to give credit where credit is due. Hunter specs now stink less than they did. There. I … Continue reading Coming home