Two big reasons BFA stinks

Warning: If you are not in the mood for a rant, you may want to skip today’s post. I have had a really frustrating week playing WoW. We had a rainy weekend in my part of the world, so I ended up spending more time than I usually do playing WoW. When an expansion hits … Continue reading Two big reasons BFA stinks

Gear. Again. Still.

After a decent clear of Tomb of Sargeras (N) last night, I ended up with a new 910 ring and was able to complete my T20 4-piece. We had a lot of fun, and while we did not one-shot every boss, we did not have any real trouble with them either. Everyone is looking forward … Continue reading Gear. Again. Still.

Two thoughts on the new Alpha build

Today there was a ton (at least compared to the info vacuum of late) of info released on Legion alpha changes. I am hoping those with access to alpha really dig into it in the next couple of days and give us all some valuable feedback on how the theories actually feel to play, but … Continue reading Two thoughts on the new Alpha build

Will play for valor?

My topic for today was going to be how short-lived the whole new valor rush was. I had most of the post written, detailing how not only was I no longer really interested in running LFR for more valor, but it seemed many others were feeling the same. And then last night Blizz announced a … Continue reading Will play for valor?

Raid finder and things I don’t understand

Last night I had some extra time on my hands and realized it has been almost a month since I really played my main hunter. Our raid team is on break until 6.2, and I felt like I might be losing some hunter skills by not raiding. Plus I have had zero luck getting any … Continue reading Raid finder and things I don’t understand