A farewell to hunters

Yesterday another hunter I respect, Delirium over at The Thrill of the Wild, threw in the towel on hunters as a class in Legion. He joins a number of excellent hunters who, after months of frustration trying to get Blizz to understand their very real and legitimate concerns about overall hunter play style in Legion, … Continue reading A farewell to hunters

Selection begins

It is getting down to crunch time. Which alts will I level first in Legion? And, even more anxiety-inducing, will my hunter still be my main? These are not questions I have felt I had to answer in the run-up to other expansions, but they seem important -- almost key -- to me as we … Continue reading Selection begins

Well that was fast

On the heels of my long rant last Thursday, about the idiocy of the pay-per-spec-change policy, we get a series of long and thoughtful blue posts from "Watcher" Hazzikostas on the subject. You can read them in full in the forum or the compiled responses here in MMO-C. But the bottom line is that the proposed … Continue reading Well that was fast

Cranky Monday

It's Monday, I had a terrible weekend (entertained idiot in-laws). It's the middle of May and still not getting to 60 degrees here in Virginia during the day, we have had rain every day for going on 3 weeks now, more predicted this week. WoW is pretty much in hiatus which means there is little … Continue reading Cranky Monday

Legion infomercial

Yesterday, as most of you know, Ion Hazzikostas spent an hour doing a "dev talk" on Twitch. MMO-C has both the video and a written summary of everything covered, you can check it out here. The program was not highly hyped by Blizz in advance, more of a mention in passing a couple of days … Continue reading Legion infomercial

Legion! Yay, or something

As everyone probably knows by now, Blizz has officially announced that Legion will go live on August 30. Honestly, I'm not sure what I think about that. I've had a lot of thoughts darting through my head since the announcement. Here are a few of them. First, there is the big fat obvious fact that … Continue reading Legion! Yay, or something