Demon You-Know-Whats

I feel kind of a duty to write about Demon Hunters today, since yesterday I and a few million of my closest friends (I am sure some of you were among them, did you see me wave?) dipped a toe into those green fel waters. I spent enough time with my new DH to get … Continue reading Demon You-Know-Whats

Selection begins

It is getting down to crunch time. Which alts will I level first in Legion? And, even more anxiety-inducing, will my hunter still be my main? These are not questions I have felt I had to answer in the run-up to other expansions, but they seem important -- almost key -- to me as we … Continue reading Selection begins

Tempus fugit and the ECOD

I have been spending time lately doing some farming in preparation for Legion, and also trying to do what I can to increase the gear levels of my alts. My thought on the farming is it is easier now to gather mats I might need for transmog sales, classic enchants, and other facets of Legion. … Continue reading Tempus fugit and the ECOD

Legion infomercial

Yesterday, as most of you know, Ion Hazzikostas spent an hour doing a "dev talk" on Twitch. MMO-C has both the video and a written summary of everything covered, you can check it out here. The program was not highly hyped by Blizz in advance, more of a mention in passing a couple of days … Continue reading Legion infomercial

Legion! Yay, or something

As everyone probably knows by now, Blizz has officially announced that Legion will go live on August 30. Honestly, I'm not sure what I think about that. I've had a lot of thoughts darting through my head since the announcement. Here are a few of them. First, there is the big fat obvious fact that … Continue reading Legion! Yay, or something

Crazy release theories

Well, it's Monday morning, and we are getting down to the real dregs of any semblance of news from Blizz. This at a time when we are at least 5 months away from Legion, and I now believe that to be an optimistic guess. We have sporadic Legion information from the Golden Gamers who have … Continue reading Crazy release theories