Demon You-Know-Whats

I feel kind of a duty to write about Demon Hunters today, since yesterday I and a few million of my closest friends (I am sure some of you were among them, did you see me wave?) dipped a toe into those green fel waters. I spent enough time with my new DH to get … Continue reading Demon You-Know-Whats

Well, whaddya think?

Whew! Patch 7.0.3 rolled out yesterday, with surprisingly few glitches, and honestly my main impression so far is: this is a helluva lot of work! Yes, work. I am sure I have never before labored so hard as I have done for the past two days, just to make a game playable. And my most … Continue reading Well, whaddya think?


Before I get to today's post: Stoic, over at Stoic But Not Silent, has teamed up with Equivalence guild mate Hargalaten to put together a really awesome set of FAQs (no spoilers) for Legion. I highly recommend it. Check it out here, and give them some feedback if it is useful to you. Cleaning the house is … Continue reading Vacuuming

Farewell WoD

Yesterday I wrote that I felt somewhat adrift in the game, basically marking time until Things Happened. No sooner had I posted that when Things Actually Began To Happen. Three events tell us that we are now into the final lead-in to Legion launch, and, for me, mark the official end of WoD. First, Blizz … Continue reading Farewell WoD