Religion, politics, and flying — 3 discussions to not have

Well. Today we will get flying in Draenor. After almost a year of promises, non-promises, waffling and weasel wording, final decisions, final final decisions, and probably millions of forum and blog column lines on the topic. Today, though, after all that, flying will be reinstated. You would think that pretty much closes the book on … Continue reading Religion, politics, and flying — 3 discussions to not have

Koster’s Laws

Over the weekend I stumbled on to Raph Koster's blog site about game design. (Yes, I know I have no life, don't judge.) If you don't know who he is -- and I did not before I did some research on him -- he was the lead designer for Ultimate Online and the creative director … Continue reading Koster’s Laws

“Small follow-up patch”

Okay, I have been patient. But it has been eight weeks since Ion Hazzikostas made his begrudging reversal on flying in Draenor. In a DevWatercooler piece on June 10, he promised flying in "a small follow-up patch (6.2.x)". Come on, Blizz, we all get that you did not want to do this, and that you … Continue reading “Small follow-up patch”

Bye-bye, Bashiok

A few hours ago, Community Manager Bashiok announced today is his last day, that he is leaving WoW. There is nothing startling or surprising about his departure, he has been with Blizzard for nearly 12 years, a very long time in the world of virtual game design and development. I suppose I am neither disheartened … Continue reading Bye-bye, Bashiok

Independence Day (?)

The past weekend was a holiday here in the U.S., July 4 being the day we celebrate giving the official finger to King George III by presenting him with an elegantly written document, the tl;dr version of which was we were as mad as hell and we were not going to take it any more. … Continue reading Independence Day (?)

Hope springs eternal

Just when I was about to despair that WoW would ever emerge from the sucking morass that is Warlords of Draenor, along comes a Mamytwink interview with Lead Designer Cory Stockton (Mumper) that restored a bit of my optimism for the game. I was tipped off to this very recent interview by The Godmother over … Continue reading Hope springs eternal

Weekend grinding

I spent several hours this last weekend grinding out my remaining apexis dailies for the Defending Draenor achievement and looking for treasures to get to the required 100, all so as to have done everything I can do for the Draenor Pathfinder achievement prior to 6.2. It was not a horrible grind, but I was … Continue reading Weekend grinding