Mists of memory

What was your favorite expansion in WoW? Mine -- and I know lots of people will disagree with me on this -- was Mists of Pandaria. Looking back, it was the expansion where everything seemed to mesh in a seamless game experience. Start with the story line. I am someone who is generally completely uninterested … Continue reading Mists of memory

Thank you, WoW art staff

Over the weekend I spent some time -- as I often do at the end of expansions -- just flying around, doing some farming, picking up a couple minor achievements here and there, and swooping down now and then to investigate something interesting. My favorite way to do this is at the end of a long … Continue reading Thank you, WoW art staff

Now what?

This will be a disjointed post, but it reflects my current feelings about the game. I really don't know where I am in my enjoyment of it, if indeed I am even still "enjoying" it. I just don't know. Last night I stepped out of the morass that is Draenor and revisited some of my … Continue reading Now what?