Prepping my alts for Legion

I spent quite a bit of last week going through what has become a fairly long process of preparing my alts for Legion leveling. I went through certain steps for each alt, namely: Clear out all accumulated transmog gear in bank and in void storage, then equip the BoEs in the mailbox and clear that … Continue reading Prepping my alts for Legion

Legion – let’s just get it over with

We are now 34 days, give or take a few hours, away from the Legion launch. I am doing my best to work up some enthusiasm over it, but that is turning out to be a harder task than it should be. I should explain that I am somewhat of a launch junkie. I am … Continue reading Legion – let’s just get it over with

Legion! Yay, or something

As everyone probably knows by now, Blizz has officially announced that Legion will go live on August 30. Honestly, I'm not sure what I think about that. I've had a lot of thoughts darting through my head since the announcement. Here are a few of them. First, there is the big fat obvious fact that … Continue reading Legion! Yay, or something


Although things change they stay the same. What changes is our point of view beneath the sun theres nothing new Although things change they stay the same. We only see part of the game. Circumstances limit our view we tend to see what we want to. Although things change they stay the same. -- excerpt from … Continue reading Transitions

A follower’s life

I don't know about you, but I have become very selective about the missions I send my garrison followers on these days. Given the rather mean-spirited nerfs Blizz has put on missions since 6.2, I am actually kind of surprised I am sending them on any missions at all. My goal these days is to maximize currency … Continue reading A follower’s life

Shipyard — epic fail

Now that we are into the fifth week of 6.2, I feel I can state categorically that I am an epic fail at shipyards. Of course, I would be happy to blame it all on Blizz -- and in a minute I will point out their culpability in the matter because that is what I … Continue reading Shipyard — epic fail

Back to communication lockdown

After the Big Emotional Flying Flap, I -- foolishly -- thought that Blizz had learned a lesson about how lack of meaningful communication can spiral out of control. In response, not only did they do the "Q& A" but there was even a decent follow-up a week or two later. Though both these events left … Continue reading Back to communication lockdown