Expectations and disappointment

I note that that bulwark of Blizz fanpeeps, Blizzard Watch, has a post today by Matthew Rossi (one of my favorites) asking what readers would like to see in Patch 8.2.5. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy Blizzard Watch, think they generally have well-written and often interesting posts, and do from time to time offer … Continue reading Expectations and disappointment

What I did on my summer vacation

My two weeks of writing vacation went by far too quickly, but now break is over and it’s time to lace up my hard shoes and get back to school. While I was out, I spent a lot — A LOT — of time playing WoW. Too much, even in my own opinion. But I … Continue reading What I did on my summer vacation

Is it enough?

WARNING STATEMENT: This post may contain spoilers. If you are hyper sensitive to such (“OMG, there are two new zones??”), best to skip it.  Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, is live as of yesterday. The technical rollout, at least from my perspective, seemed flawless. Announced outage was from 10-6 my time, and I had planned … Continue reading Is it enough?

Hunter smackdown. Again.

The one thing I have been relatively hopeful about regarding Patch 8.2 is that Blizz pretty much left hunters alone, did not screw with us much. BM hunters are still woefully low in damage, lack any sort of significant burst ability, and are mainly at the mercy of a mechanical button-mashing play style, but hey … Continue reading Hunter smackdown. Again.

Patch 8.2 — more dread than anticipation

I suppose I am just getting very cynical in my old age, but lately every time I read or even think about Patch 8.2, it is with a sense of dread rather than excitement. My predominant thought is “How is Blizz going to screw us this time?” I am not proud of this, by the … Continue reading Patch 8.2 — more dread than anticipation

Patches and Classic and a wild theory

(Scattered thoughts today — plumber is here installing new water heater and landscaper installing additional stone path to studio, so I am a bit distracted. Plus getting ready for semi-annual visit of my sister-in-law aka the hell bitch...) Patches. Some of you may have noticed that the sidebar widget on this site was recently edited. … Continue reading Patches and Classic and a wild theory

Shocked, shocked!

Look, I know that Patch 8.2 is still in the “testing” phase, by which of course Blizz means “We want our customers to find all the bugs for us, but we have zero intention of making any meaningful changes”. But hey, it is still technically in draft stage, so we should expect some small glitches, … Continue reading Shocked, shocked!