January closet cleaning

Checking out my drafts folder yesterday, I see it is getting a little cluttered. Time to clear it out. So here are some scattered thoughts I never worked on enough to make an entire post on them. Mage fear conquered? Regular readers know of my long-standing love-hate relationship with the mage class in WoW. I … Continue reading January closet cleaning

Legendary follies continue

There are times when you almost have to admire Blizzard’s steadfast commitment to major blunders. Even when they publicly admit certain designs were mistakes, their response is usually to not only keep the bad design but also double down on it. (Think of WoD’s garrisons as a perfect example.) It’s like there is a corporate … Continue reading Legendary follies continue

Blood(s), sweat and tears

Today's rant -- yes, I regret to say that's what it is -- is about the most pernicious thing Blizz did to players in Legion: Blood of Sargeras. It is the mat that is the alt-killer and the profession-killer. It is, in fact, designed both to hold players back and to dictate which professions they must … Continue reading Blood(s), sweat and tears

Blizz, read this post (no, not mine, this other one)

I just read a blog that I usually don't follow, but it popped up on The Grumpy Elf blog roll, so I followed the link and it really rocked me back on my heels. The blog is Still Searching by Samantha. Please take a look at it. In a nutshell, she describes the reasons for … Continue reading Blizz, read this post (no, not mine, this other one)