Aaaand we’re off!

I am pronouncing Legion officially ended. Oh yes, I know technically we have months to go in this expansion, and lots of people are still totally engrossed in it, but for all practical purposes it has shifted from a windshield view to one we see in the rear view mirror. Battle for Azeroth is now … Continue reading Aaaand we’re off!

Testing the game for Blizz

Today Blizz has posted a rather long and ardent plea for WoW players to create characters on the 7.3.5 Public Test Realm. Blizz has made similar basic requests for other patches in testing, so this in itself is not really new. What does seem a little out of the ordinary, though, is the slightly desperate … Continue reading Testing the game for Blizz

Help build a hunter community response

Late edit: The first hunter forum thread hit max less than 24 hours after it appeared, so the current active thread is here. Also be aware there appears to be a posting bug that results in your first attempt at a reply just sending it into the ether, although a second attempt will succeed. I … Continue reading Help build a hunter community response

Well that was fast

On the heels of my long rant last Thursday, about the idiocy of the pay-per-spec-change policy, we get a series of long and thoughtful blue posts from "Watcher" Hazzikostas on the subject. You can read them in full in the forum or the compiled responses here in MMO-C. But the bottom line is that the proposed … Continue reading Well that was fast

Blizz, you can still turn this around

An open letter to Blizz and the WoW devs: Dear Blizz, I watched your Legion launch event last Thursday, and I made a special effort to watch your Sunday non-event touted as a Q&A. I have read your tweets, and I have scoured the official forums. You are in the process of making the same mistakes … Continue reading Blizz, you can still turn this around