Things that need to be account wide

I have said it before, and my opinion has not changed, Legion is one of the most alt-unfriendly expansions in recent history. I don’t know how it was before Wrath because I did not play alts then, but the last two expansions have seen a steady diminishing of benefits for alts. Coincidentally (?) that is … Continue reading Things that need to be account wide

Blood(s), sweat and tears

Today's rant -- yes, I regret to say that's what it is -- is about the most pernicious thing Blizz did to players in Legion: Blood of Sargeras. It is the mat that is the alt-killer and the profession-killer. It is, in fact, designed both to hold players back and to dictate which professions they must … Continue reading Blood(s), sweat and tears

Leftovers and ruminations

Today's post is really just a few unconnected thoughts that have been dancing around in the back of my brain for a bit. Sorry, but every once in a while I have to run the mental Roomba just to tidy things up for later... Q&A session. Today there will be another in the more-or-less regular … Continue reading Leftovers and ruminations

What was that about a free lunch?

First, an admin note: Thanks to all my patient readers for hanging in there while I was gone -- strep throat took a nasty complication turn and resulted in a short hospital stay, but I am fine now and as soon as I get off the happy drugs I will be back to my normal … Continue reading What was that about a free lunch?

Legion professions — sometimes it really is about the destination

Background (you can skip this part and still get the gist of the post): For many years -- probably most of my life now that I think about it -- I have subscribed to the philosophy of "It's about the journey, not the destination." (For reference, I think this is a variation of the original … Continue reading Legion professions — sometimes it really is about the destination

Emerald Nightmare part two

Last night my guild finished up the last three bosses in Emerald Nightmare (Normal). This week was basically a warmup for progression, which we will start next week with Heroic. I can't claim great expertise with EN yet, but I do have some general observations to add to my earlier comments. Fight length. The one … Continue reading Emerald Nightmare part two

Profession changes and cataclysmic changes

This will be a very strange post, I am afraid. On the one hand, I feel more or less bound to comment on yesterday's dev interview on professions in Legion. But on the other hand, I feel like yesterday's world-altering changes in Britain simply cannot be ignored. Major changes, whether in a computer game or … Continue reading Profession changes and cataclysmic changes