Thoughts from my week off

Last week I divided my WoW time between some concentrated raiding and just doing whatever the hell I felt like doing when I logged in. It was fun. I also pretty much ignored Blizzcon, catching up with the headlines when they hit MMO-C or Wowhead. Today’s post is just some scattered thoughts about all that. … Continue reading Thoughts from my week off

Uldir revisited

Last night our raid team finally broke through the wall we had hit in heroic Uldir — for weeks we have been stuck on Zul, unable to field the “proper” team numbers and/or composition to kill him. So we languished for a long time at 5/8H, but finally last night’s Zul kill plus a relatively … Continue reading Uldir revisited

Pass the crow, please

Today I am going to eat a little bit of crow. Blizz just announced they are rolling back the new loot rules they implemented a few weeks ago. Recall that, with the new leveling zones and processes introduced in Patch 7.3.5, there was a change that put personal loot automatically into effect for all leveling … Continue reading Pass the crow, please

People are basically good. Right?

People are basically good. People are basically good. People are basically good. I know this to be true in the real world -- it is one of the basic precepts by which I live my life and in the long run it has never failed me -- but I find myself repeating it a lot … Continue reading People are basically good. Right?