Patch 6.1

As I don’t want to get thrown out of the WoW Bloggers Union, I figured I’d better post a few comments about today’s 6.1 patch. Not that I have a lot to say about it. As many others have pointed out, most of this patch is really what should have been part of the initial release of WoD, if Blizz had not tried to push out a beta product as a finished expansion.

Be that as it may, the things I am most excited about interested in are the level 4 crafted upgrades, greater availability of Savage Bloods due to the new transmute ability, and some of the garrison quality of life changes. I will probably try out the selfies and maybe do a couple of Tweets, but those seem like very temporary interests for me. The jukebox is intriguing, although I suspect I will still prefer my own iTunes playlists and keep using those when I want accompanying music to my game sessions. And of course I will run both BRF LFRs for the legendary quest items. I will also make sure my heirloom tab is set up on all my alts, maybe even buy a few upgrades for the ones I have not yet leveled.

I have some commitments that will keep me from logging on until late tomorrow. That’s probably good, as any new patch bugs — you know there will be some — should be worked out by then, and I really see no need to hurry into the patch as soon as it goes live. But for the next few days my plan is to:

1.  Upgrade my crafted weapon on my first main hunter, also upgrade the crafted ring and craft a helm for level 4 upgrading. That will take, by my calculation, 120 savage bloods, so obtaining those will also be high on my list. (I am now regretting selling so many of them, but assuming the prices don’t skyrocket I should be able to buy what I need for less than I sold them for.)

2.  Learn the new profession recipes, especially the 125 food ones, and cook some multistrike dishes for my hunters.

3. Start cranking out savage blood transmutes on my alchemist for additional upgrades to crafted gear on alts.

4.  Start leveling a few more alts, at a leisurely pace, now that there is the possibility of using heirlooms once again. I might even start a baby hordie hunter, never tried horde before, might be kind of fun.

5.  Kick back and listen to some music, launch a few follower missions and work on upgrading their gear.

Happy patch day.

Break’s over, let the grinding commence

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed the laid back game pace during the Christmas/New Year break. I did log in nearly every day to do my garrison chores, but it seemed leisurely to me. One of my guilds suspended raiding for two full weeks, and the other adopted a if-you-show-up-fine-if-you-don’t-fine approach for the period. I was able to gear up my two main hunters to 650, which for many of you is probably pretty low but I am happy with it for now. My MW monk is pushing 99, and I even leveled up my poor warlock from 92 to 93 just by doing garrison chores. My two level 3 barns are producing Savage Blood at a decent pace, which means I have been able to do several upgrades to my crafted gear without breaking the bank. I replaced all my lumberyards with trading posts, and now garrison resource production is way up on every alt. My main hunters both have level 3 Dwarven Bunkers, so I am getting the free seal each week. And I am able to crank out a reasonable number of 640 crafted leather, mail, cloth, and JC gear. Not enough to sell yet, but enough to easily equip alts with their allotted 3 pieces. I am also self-sufficient for flasks, pots, enchants, gems, and food — including tons of raid food for all.

I did NOT attempt the Molten Core special event, a sanity-saving decision on my part. After getting into a couple of queues and seeing the wait time at well over an hour each time, and after hearing some real horror stories from guildies about the actual raid, I decided it was not worth the aggravation and time commitment for me. I never ran it in vanilla, so there certainly was no nostalgia factor. I am not much of a mount freak, and honestly a big ugly core hound just does not interest me. And a 640 helm? Got a couple better than that, thanks. So I look at not running MC as a net gain.

About the only bad aspect to the break was the huge number of what I can only believe were bored adolescents and pre-teens incessantly showing off their smut talk in trade chat every day. Thank goodness for school starting up again.

Over the next few weeks I will be leveling my alts, delving deeper into follower recruitment, and of course trying to keep up with each new garrison. I’ll finish leveling the MW this week and start relearning my healing skills, which is not something I look forward to. I enjoy healing, but I find it quite stressful, and I know I am far from proficient at it.

Speaking of garrison chores, there was an interesting blue post today from Takralus:

We’re looking into ways to make Garrisons a bit more friendly in future patches for those of you who enjoy alts. We see that Garrisons are a bit too much for you guys right now.

I grant you, this is not much to pin high hopes on, and “future patches” does not necessarily mean the next patch, but it is something. At least it seems Blizz realizes the huge time commitment garrisons require, and possibly they also see that it’s not really part of a cohesive story line for each of your alts to operate completely independently of one another. At the very least, I am hoping for soulbound craft mats to become BoA. It would also be nice if somehow they could combine the mines and herb farms for all alts, such that running through them and gathering the mats on one alt each day would gather from all of them. Stay tuned, I guess.