My night job

Yesterday, it being a lazy Sunday, I decided it would be a good time to bring a couple of my alts into Argus, mainly to update their professions but also to be able to get some of the gear and AP benefits of the place. I played for about six hours, and here is what … Continue reading My night job

Patch 7.2 is upon us

Well, the big news from yesterday's Q&A is that Patch 7.2 will go live at the next reset. I suppose this is good news -- the current content is getting a bit worn, although honestly I would be able to find too much to do in it for weeks or even months yet. Still, it … Continue reading Patch 7.2 is upon us

Life at the end of the curve

This is part rant and part just stomped-into-the-ground discouragement. But it is a dark gloomy rainy day here, and Monday to boot, so.... First a math lesson. (Sorry, I warned you this might be rough.) I am not an expert in statistics, but I understand some of the basics. I know, for example, that if you … Continue reading Life at the end of the curve