When reality intrudes

There is an interesting post today by Matthew Rossi over at Blizzard Watch. I encourage you to take 2 minutes to read it, but basically he asks if the lore in WoW is hurting gameplay. As I am of the opinion that WoW “lore” is just something thought up after the fact to justify game … Continue reading When reality intrudes

The endless war (campaign)

So over the weekend I played with newest leveled alt, my MW/WW monk. I had fun finally running some LFR, the Darkshore Warfront, and some emissary quests with her. I am finding the monk play style both quick and engaging, a far cry from the dull BM hunter mash-the-button-on-cooldown style. If monks had a ranged … Continue reading The endless war (campaign)

Is quantity content?

Last night as we were cranking out our weekly H Nighthold farm run, there was a semi-lively discussion of Legion -- mainly Patch 7.2 but also Legion in general. No great insights, but the comments did start a few chains of thought for me, focused on the whole idea of "content" that is Blizz's main … Continue reading Is quantity content?

Leftovers and ruminations

Today's post is really just a few unconnected thoughts that have been dancing around in the back of my brain for a bit. Sorry, but every once in a while I have to run the mental Roomba just to tidy things up for later... Q&A session. Today there will be another in the more-or-less regular … Continue reading Leftovers and ruminations