When reality intrudes

There is an interesting post today by Matthew Rossi over at Blizzard Watch. I encourage you to take 2 minutes to read it, but basically he asks if the lore in WoW is hurting gameplay. As I am of the opinion that WoW “lore” is just something thought up after the fact to justify game … Continue reading When reality intrudes

The endless war (campaign)

So over the weekend I played with newest leveled alt, my MW/WW monk. I had fun finally running some LFR, the Darkshore Warfront, and some emissary quests with her. I am finding the monk play style both quick and engaging, a far cry from the dull BM hunter mash-the-button-on-cooldown style. If monks had a ranged … Continue reading The endless war (campaign)

Small things that delight

Sometimes, when you feel like The Big Picture is depressing, the best course of action is to focus on the small things, both good and bad. The good small things make you smile, and you can see how to fix the bad small things. It makes the Big Thing seem more manageable. I am not … Continue reading Small things that delight