Q&A, and servers, fail

Yeah, so I watched the latest episode of the Hazzikostas show, and it ranks right up there as one of the crappiest ones Blizz has done. You probably should not waste your time watching it, but if you insist, or just want the text summary, MMO-C has both. Here are the takeaways from my notes: … Continue reading Q&A, and servers, fail

January closet cleaning

Checking out my drafts folder yesterday, I see it is getting a little cluttered. Time to clear it out. So here are some scattered thoughts I never worked on enough to make an entire post on them. Mage fear conquered? Regular readers know of my long-standing love-hate relationship with the mage class in WoW. I … Continue reading January closet cleaning

Hati, we hardly knew ye

If we needed any additional confirmation that Blizz not only does not care about the hunter class, but that they have absolutely zero idea of what it means to be a hunter, it is this: Apparently Hati will just disappear when artifact weapons disappear in Battle for Azeroth. Now, I admit I have not really … Continue reading Hati, we hardly knew ye

Timewalking + Beastmastery = Fun

I had quite a lot of fun in WoW last night for the first time in several weeks, thanks to a combination of running a Beastmastery hunter and Timewalking dungeons. I relearned a lesson that for some reason I can never seem to remember -- when I play the game my way, it is huge … Continue reading Timewalking + Beastmastery = Fun