Are target dummies obsolete?

I had a very laid-back weekend, game-wise. Friday night I ran our alt raid with my resto druid and managed to not embarrass myself too badly. I took Saturday off and did actual real world social things. Sunday I devoted a lot of hours to grinding away at leveling my void elf mage (still only … Continue reading Are target dummies obsolete?

On becoming a better hunter

I had an interesting conversation last night with the Raid Leader in my raiding guild. We had just finished a night of heroic Highmaul, and he was reminding everyone to keep working at their gear level in between raid nights, so we could have some reasonable success in BRF. I whispered him to ask where … Continue reading On becoming a better hunter

Hunter “balance” — part deux

Well. After the expected nerfs to MM hunters and the inexplicable-though-slight nerf to BM hunters on December 3, Blizz added in a couple of enhancements to BM and SV hunters with the December 15 round of hotfixes. This is welcome news, and seems to bear out my optimism that eventually hunter specs will get properly … Continue reading Hunter “balance” — part deux