Tantrum tactics

Over the weekend I debated with myself over whether or not I should post this, and in the end I decided to just put it out there and let the chips fall where they may. The subject, of course, is Ion Hazzikostas's Dev Interview from Friday, which you can see in text summary and in … Continue reading Tantrum tactics

Artifact weapons – still uneasy about them

Yesterday was another in Blizz's series of dev interviews on Legion. You can see it all by going to this MMO-C site. The subject for this one was artifact and order halls in Legion, as presented by Craig Amai and facilitated by the irrepressibly positive and optimistic Josh Allen. I still give Blizz good marks on … Continue reading Artifact weapons – still uneasy about them

Profession changes and cataclysmic changes

This will be a very strange post, I am afraid. On the one hand, I feel more or less bound to comment on yesterday's dev interview on professions in Legion. But on the other hand, I feel like yesterday's world-altering changes in Britain simply cannot be ignored. Major changes, whether in a computer game or … Continue reading Profession changes and cataclysmic changes

Dev interview number 1

Yesterday Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas inaugurated what is promised to be the first of several weekly dev interviews on Legion. While I applaud the concept, I have to wonder: What took them so long? We have just spent a year crawling through a veritable desert, parched for information on Legion, chasing after mirages. A weekly scheduled communication … Continue reading Dev interview number 1