Legion – let’s just get it over with

We are now 34 days, give or take a few hours, away from the Legion launch. I am doing my best to work up some enthusiasm over it, but that is turning out to be a harder task than it should be. I should explain that I am somewhat of a launch junkie. I am … Continue reading Legion – let’s just get it over with

Farewell WoD

Yesterday I wrote that I felt somewhat adrift in the game, basically marking time until Things Happened. No sooner had I posted that when Things Actually Began To Happen. Three events tell us that we are now into the final lead-in to Legion launch, and, for me, mark the official end of WoD. First, Blizz … Continue reading Farewell WoD

Legion! Yay, or something

As everyone probably knows by now, Blizz has officially announced that Legion will go live on August 30. Honestly, I'm not sure what I think about that. I've had a lot of thoughts darting through my head since the announcement. Here are a few of them. First, there is the big fat obvious fact that … Continue reading Legion! Yay, or something

Crazy release theories

Well, it's Monday morning, and we are getting down to the real dregs of any semblance of news from Blizz. This at a time when we are at least 5 months away from Legion, and I now believe that to be an optimistic guess. We have sporadic Legion information from the Golden Gamers who have … Continue reading Crazy release theories

Tired and cranky

Warning: Disorganized, general rant follows, no doubt partially due to sore muscles and lack of sleep from shoveling snow (31 inches, plus several 5-ft drifts) for three days straight. Not to mention not playing WoW at all during that time. Everything I read about Legion lately just annoys me. Most likely the main reason for … Continue reading Tired and cranky

Bits and pieces

I'll be glad when Legion alpha cranks up again, because frankly it's becoming quite a challenge to write about WoW these days. Very little is happening in the current expansion, and the news about Legion is both parsed and parsimonious. While I am personally not bored with the game, I am involved in activities decidedly not … Continue reading Bits and pieces

Where do you see WoW a year from now?

Administrative edit: I am taking a holiday break and will see you all after New Year's. To all my readers, whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I wish you warmth and happiness and love in this season of hope and throughout the coming year. "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" Most of … Continue reading Where do you see WoW a year from now?