Timing and content

I read an item in MMO-C a couple of days ago, basically a short summary of a conversation someone had with Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas at Gamescom. The original had been a Twitch live stream, and I couldn't find anywhere that it had been preserved in its original form, so all I have to go on … Continue reading Timing and content

Yeah, because THIS is what’s wrong with the game

RED ALERT! AHH-OOOGA! AHH-OOGA! BATTLE STATIONS! RANT INCOMING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Ok, you've been warned. Today we start with a short practical exercise. In 30 seconds or less, name the top three things you think are wrong with WoW in its current state. Go ahead, I'll wait. (Jeopardy music.) Finished? Good. I'm betting … Continue reading Yeah, because THIS is what’s wrong with the game

Collecting, solving, socializing — the WoW tripod?

Recently, some of the blogs I follow have focused on the role of individual perceptions of progression in WoW, relating that notion to engagement/lack thereof in the current expansion as well as to the question of "cheating" by buying carries with real cash (once removed). Check out the last couple of posts by The Grumpy … Continue reading Collecting, solving, socializing — the WoW tripod?

Blizz “attitude” and my “fun”

To the small number of you who follow this blog, apologies for taking a few days off. There were a couple of reasons. One -- and this is almost embarrassing -- I broke one of my fingers and have been dealing with that. *Side comment* It's not important how I did it -- something stupid -- … Continue reading Blizz “attitude” and my “fun”