The emerging Legion big picture

I spent most of my weekend game time not so much playing WoW as reading about it. Specifically, catching up on some of the in-depth blog posts about experiences so far on the limited-invite alpha/beta Legion. Obviously, it is still very early -- I really do believe it will be September 2016 before Legion goes … Continue reading The emerging Legion big picture

A few thoughts on the movie

Though I have paid little attention to any of the rumors and/or hype that have been going on for years now, it seems that there will in fact be a Warcraft movie hitting the screens next summer. I don't know if I will rush out to see it or not, honestly. I usually like to wait … Continue reading A few thoughts on the movie

Why do you have alts?

My plan today had been to write about the effects T2 is having on alts, but The Grumpy Elf beat me to it, and honestly he did a way better job with it than I would have, so please stop by and read his post. But thinking about alts and the shabby -- in my … Continue reading Why do you have alts?

Independence Day (?)

The past weekend was a holiday here in the U.S., July 4 being the day we celebrate giving the official finger to King George III by presenting him with an elegantly written document, the tl;dr version of which was we were as mad as hell and we were not going to take it any more. … Continue reading Independence Day (?)

6.2 — Scattered thoughts

How did your first day go with 6.2? I can best sum mine up with a hearty "meh..." Some things were fun, some were almost unbelievably frustrating, but one thing I know for sure is that this patch will get very old very fast. So far I have only taken my two hunters there, so the … Continue reading 6.2 — Scattered thoughts

Enough is effing enough!

Okay, Blizz, if I bow down to you and admit you are "BLIZZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!" and if I stop pulling the curtain back and showing people the mousey little guy behind there, can you please stop forcing me into your "optional" content? Here is some feedback for you: If I did not like optional … Continue reading Enough is effing enough!

Patch 6.1 experien…..zzzzzzzz

Patch 6.1 is close to the most underwhelming patch Blizz has ever issued. It would absolutely win the prize, except that they did add some annoying, customer-hostile features that have generated quite a bit of (negative) feedback. Apparently they have implemented a policy often employed by politicians and movie stars, that any publicity/interest is good, no matter … Continue reading Patch 6.1 experien…..zzzzzzzz